Maplewood Public Library

Art Policy

  The Maplewood Public Library, in order to acquire and display works of art that enhance the design of the Library, improve the aesthetic experience of visitors and advance the Library’s mission to provide materials, services and programs for the informational and recreational betterment of the community, sets the following policies:
  1. Types and Styles of Art
    1. The Library will use a mixture of framed pictures, poster art, 3-D objects and quotes. Items may be purchased by the Library, accepted as donations or placed by artists and galleries in temporary exhibitions. Some pieces may remain permanently on display, and others may rotate in and out.
    2. The interior design of the building is Contemporary with some Traditional elements, and the artwork in the building will reflect that. Contemporary art with bold colors and black and white photography are appropriate. Landscapes, portraits and still lifes are less appropriate, except as part of a temporary display. In 3-D artwork, blown glass, ceramics or wooden sculpture are more appropriate than traditional bronzes.
    3. Frames will be either brushed metal (silver, aluminum, etc.) or walnut. Mattes can be used to add additional color. One or two styles of frame will be selected and used consistently throughout.
  2. Selection Criteria
    1. A subcommittee of the Board of Trustees will make all decisions on the acquisition and display of artwork. The committee will be composed of a representative from the Board, the staff and the community. Full Board approval will be required for significant selections or purchases.
    2. Art acquired as part of the Library’s permanent collection must meet the criteria listed above.
    3. Art accepted by donation must meet the same criteria. Pieces of exceptional artistic or historical significance that do not meet these criteria may be accepted, with the understanding that they may not be put on permanent display.
    4. Art from artists or galleries for temporary display must be approved by the Board, but does not need to meet any other criteria except local standards of decency and the limitations of display space. No special installations will be accepted; art must fit in the existing spaces and use only the existing display options. The Library’s liability for artwork placed on loan will be limited by contract.

Adopted 11/15/07