Common Questions

1. How do I find the library?

The new home of the Maplewood Library is at 7550 Lohmeyer Ave. We are one block north of our old location on Manchester, in the white stone building that used to be the Maplewood Municipal Pool building. Lohmeyer is most easily reached from Bredell, off of Manchester, or you can drive through the City Hall driveway, and go on past the new Pool building to Lohmeyer.

2. How do I find a place to park?

There is on-street parking on the south side of Lohmeyer, in front of the Library. There is also a small side lot on the west side of the building, with handicapped parking and an access ramp. You can also park on the lot in front of the swimming pool, and go up the steps to the Library.

3. How do I look for a book?

There are 4 dedicated catalog stations in the Library at which you can check the automated catalog. If you have trouble, you can ask a staff member for help. From home, the catalog is available on-line.

The catalog contains the combined holdings of all the members of the Municipal Library Consortium. If you find an item that is not at Maplewood, you can go to the other library and get it, or request it and it will be delivered to Maplewood Library.

4. Does the Library have an App?

If you have an iPhone or Android smartphone, you can access the Library anywhere. With our Mobile app, you can search the catalog and manage your account whenever you want, wherever you are. Just go to your phone's app store and search for "Maplewood Public Library". (NOTE: If you had Bookmyne on your phone, this is the replacement for it.)

5. How do I add my own reviews to the Library catalog?

Do you find the reviews of your fellow library users helpful? Would you like to post your own reviews? Through a product called ChiliFresh, you can add your own reviews to the items you borrow from the Library and post them for others to read.

To sign up to post reviews, first go to the PAC and log into your account. Once you are logged in, go back to the My Account tab and select Connections from the drop-down menu. You will be asked to set up a Connection Account. You can do this simply by entering a Nickname, or, if you have an existing Chilifresh account, by using your ID and password from that account. It's that simple!

Once you have set up your Connection account, to add a review to any item, go to that item's record in the PAC. On the left side of the record, beneath the item's picture, you will find User Ratings, and below that, a link to add your review.

Please note that reviews are moderated and may not appear immediately.

6. How do I request a book?

To request an item that is owned by the Maplewood Public Library or one of the other libraries in the Municipal Library Consortium, search for the item in the on-line catalog. Once you have located the item, click on the button that says "Make a Request." If you are not already logged in to your account, you will be prompted to enter your library card number (enter the number on your card with no spaces). If you don't have a library card, click "New User" to make a temporary registration in order to request the item (you will need to complete your registration at the Library when you pick up the book). Next, use the drop down menu to decide where you want to pick up the item and then click "Request." If you are using a public computer, be sure to log out of your account when you are finished.

If you need to request something that is not in the catalog, call the Library at 314-781-2174 and speak to a librarian. We may be able to request the items from another library system.

7. How do I return my books?

During business hours, we encourage you to bring your returned items into the Library and drop them off at the Circ Desk. You can check out something new when you leave!

There is also a Book Drop box at the sidewalk on the west end of the building (to your right as you face the front door). You can return any items in the box, for example, DVDs, as well as books.

Finally, you can return your books at any library in the St. Louis area, and they will get back to us.

8. How do I get a Library Card?

Any resident of Maplewood can get a free library card. Just bring in a picture ID and proof of current address (driver's license, utility bill, check book, etc.) Residents of St. Louis City or County can also get a Maplewood card, through our cooperative lending program. If you live within the boundaries of any of our Municipal Library Consortium partners, you need to get your library card from them, but once you have your card, you can use Maplewood Library whenever you like.

Business owners in Maplewood can still get a free card even if they don't live in any of our cooperating library districts by providing proof of ownership. For anyone else, a non-resident library card is available for a $20 annual fee.

9. How do I get email notices?

When you sign up for email notification, you will get notices when your requested items are on hold for you, reminders when books are coming due or when your card is due for renewal, and overdue notices. You can give us your email address when you sign up for a library card, any time by phone (314-781-2174) or when you are in the Library, or through My Account in the online catalog.

The Library uses your email address only for library business and never sells or gives away your address to third parties!

10. How do I change my borrower record?

You can tell us the next time you are in the Library, or you can make changes on-line through the My Account feature of the On Line Catalog. You can also add or change your e-mail address through the catalog.

11. How do I use your computers?

The Maplewood Public Library offers free public access computers with Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office and Excel. The Library does not provide e-mail accounts. Patrons are encouraged to use a free service such as Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail if they need an e-mail account. Patrons may use the public computers for up to 120 minutes a day.

Patrons must have a valid library card from Maplewood or one of our Municipal Library Consortium partners to use our public-access computers. A valid card is one that is not expired and is without excessive fines or fees (more than $5.00). Guests may receive a one-time guest pass, but regular users must have a library card.

Patrons under 18 need prior permission from a parent or guardian in order to use the Library computers. Ask your parent or guardian to come into the Library to fill out a permission form.

12. How do I use my laptop?

The Maplewood Public Library offers free wireless access to our patrons with WIFI-enabled laptops. Patrons can access the Internet anywhere in the library. You are welcome to plug your laptop into any wall or floor socket. Connecting to the wireless network should require no special settings. An instruction sheet is available at the Circ Desk to help you, but there are no staff available to assist you with setting up wireless Internet on your computer.

The Library public printer is not available via the wireless connection. If you need to print, save to a removable storage device (floppy, flash drive, etc.) and ask one of the staff members to use a public work station, or print wirelessly.

13. How do I use other libraries?

We hope you find everything you need at the Maplewood Library (if not, tell us!), however we understand that there are reasons to use other libraries at times. You can use your Maplewood Library card at any of our Municipal Library Consortium partners. You can go in and use your card there, or use the on-line catalog to browse all our collections. You can also use any branch of the St. Louis County, St. Louis Public and St. Charles library systems, although you will need a borrower's card from those systems to check out items.

14. How do I reserve the meeting room?

The Library has a community meeting room that can be reserved in large (47 persons), medium (30) or small (16) configurations. Check the Meeting Room policies to see if your group or organization qualifies.

15. Can I have a test proctored at the library?

The Library does not provide test proctoring services.

16. What are the fines for overdue items?

The Maplewood Public Library's policies on late fees are on our page About the Library.