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The Library will protect as far as possible the privacy of any patron who uses the Library. The Library will not inquire into the purposes for which a patron requests information or materials. Records which may be required in loaning library materials or providing access to Library computers are for the sole purpose of protecting public property.

The Library maintains a minimum of records, including

  1. Names, addresses and other contact information on patrons;
  2. Computer sign-up sheets for the current day;
  3. Materials currently checked out to a patron;
  4. History of unpaid fines.
These records are kept confidential. Staff members can access these records only to conduct library business.

The Library does not maintain an on-going list of materials previously checked out by a patron or of computer usage by patrons.

Records shall be made available only to the appropriate officials acting in compliance with applicable federal, state or local laws. In these situations, the staff will carefully follow the current law.

The Director is responsible for making sure that records are kept confidential and that staff are properly trained on privacy issues. American Library Association guidelines will be used in developing staff procedures.

Adopted 9/24/03