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The library may receive tax-deductible gifts, donations, endowments, bequests, and trusts. It is the prerogative of the library to accept or reject any gift. Restricted gifts, those to which the donor has attached terms, conditions or purposes, must be spent according to the donorís wishes. Non-restricted gifts may be spent on authorization of the Library Board of Trustees within the scope of its statutory authority. The Library will encourage that non-restricted gifts be added to the Josephine Alban Memorial Endowment Fund.


In accepting donations of any materials intended for the libraryís collection, the right of final disposition of such gifts is reserved to the library. The same criteria for inclusion in the collection that are used for purchase decisions will be applied to gifts. Gifts that cannot be added to the collection will be disposed of at the discretion of the Director.

Donations of books and other materials will receive written acknowledgement upon request. The library does not appraise materials for income tax purposes.


Sectarian and other groups frequently urge the library to receive, catalog, file, and foster distribution of their publications, even though not warranted by public interest. The library will refuse such requests and accept only material that the library would normally seek to acquire upon its own initiative. The library accepts no responsibility to return unordered material received through the mail or left at the library.

Donation Receipt

Adopted 4/23/03