Maplewood Public Library

Procedures for Minor Use of MPL Computers

  1. Patrons under 18 must have a valid library card and permission to use the MPL Internet workstations.
    1. A valid library card is one that is not expired, has the correct address and phone number, and has fines and fees below $5.00
    2. Permission must be given by the minor's parent or other legal guardian for computer access.
    3. Library cards from other MLC partners will be honored so long as the conditions in 1a are met.
    4. There is no lower age limit on Internet permission. If a child qualifies for a library card, they can get parental permission.
  2. Parent or other guardian must be present in the library to apply for a library card or grant permission for computer access. All the usual rules apply regarding acceptable ID, residency requirements, etc. The minor child does not have to be present.
  3. Minors are restricted to using the lower level computers, and are required to abide by the same rules as all other patrons (see Acceptable Use Policy).
  4. Minor patrons may not receive guest passes; they must use their Library card for computer access.
  5. The Internet filters will not be removed for a minor. They will be removed upon request for a parent or guardian who is using the Internet computer along with their minor child.
Revised, 5/16/18