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It is the policy of the Board of Trustees of the Maplewood Public Library to provide the fullest possible access to library resources for all visitors to the Library.  The rules listed below attempt to ensure a reasonably safe and pleasant environment for staff and patrons, to protect the right of the public to use library services and materials, and to protect library resources and facilities.


These rules are intended to guide patrons and staff so that they may conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the purposes and functions of the Library and avoid affecting the appropriate use of the Library by fellow patrons.  These rules are intended to be illustrative rather than all-inclusive.


The Board reserves the right to impose appropriate penalties for violation of the rules of proper use of the Library:


  1. Persons will be asked once to comply with the rules; they will be asked to leave for the day if the improper use continues.
  2. Persons may be barred from the Library permanently or for a set period of time for repeated violations of the proper use of the Library.
  3. Persons in apparent violation of Federal, State or local law will be reported to the police by Library staff.  Legal action may be taken by the Library through the filing of a complaint.



Statutory Provisions


Federal, State and local laws and ordinances provide the statutory basis of the following rules.  The laws and ordinances that follow are cited only as examples:


  1. Every library and reading room


"shall be forever free to the use of the inhabitants of the city where located, always subject to such reasonable rules and regulations as a library board may adopt in order to render the use of the library and reading room of the greatest benefit to the greatest number. The board may exclude from the use of the library and reading room any all persons who willfully violate such rules." R.S.Mo (1994) 182.230.


  1. Other State statutes:


Peace Disturbance (574.010ff), Assault (565.050, 565.060 and 565.070), Violation of Controlled Substances Laws (195.003ff), Robbery (569.020 and 569.030), Arson (569.040 and 569.050), Tampering (569.080 and 569.090ff), Stealing (570.030), Unlawful Use of Weapons (571.030), Library Theft (570.210).


  1. Maplewood Ordinances:


Drinking in Public (34-169), Spitting (34-15), Trespass (34-128), Stealing (34-129), Damage to Property (34-127), Soliciting (14-469), Assault (34-95), Affrays (34-97), Indecent Exposure (34-66), Peace Disturbance (34-165), Weapons (34-200), Firearms (34-201), Intoxicants (34-199).





I.                    On Library premises, no person shall:


1.      commit an assault upon any person or engage in a fight;

2.      steal or take property not his or her own;

3.      knowingly deface, destroy or damage any property not his or her own;

4.      engage in any indecent or obscene conduct or make any indecent exposure of his or her body;

5.      use, give away or sell any controlled substance;

6.      possess an unauthorized weapon;

7.      carry a firearm unlawfully;

8.      smoke or carry an ignited material;

9.      be intoxicated or consume intoxicating beverages;

10.  disturb the public peace by loud or aggressive conduct;

11.  knowingly harass any other person or unreasonably and purposely cause alarm to another person or persons on the premises;

12.  summon without good reason the police, fire department or ambulance by telephone or otherwise;

13.  arrange for the delivery to the Library of items for his or her own use;

14.  promote or conduct gambling activity;

15.  re-arrange or abuse Library furniture;

16.  loiter;

17.  litter on library property;

18.  remain in the building after closing hours, except by the invitation of a Library staff member authorized to issue such an invitation;

19.  enter a non-public area of the library except at the invitation of a staff member authorized to issue such an invitation.


II.                 It is the policy of the Maplewood Public Library:


20.  to require that patrons wear shirts and shoes at all times in the Library, and to prohibit skates, cleated shoes and similar non-standard footgear.  The use of wheeled transportation of any kind in the Library is prohibited, except for that used by the physically impaired;

21.  to ban animals from the Library except for guide animals for the visually, hearing or physically impaired;

22.  to prohibit all campaigning, petitioning, interviewing, survey-taking, soliciting, selling or begging from one patron to another patron or patrons on Library premises;

23.  to ban conversation and other sounds in louder volume than the general noise level of the building at that time, except those required to carry on library business. Loud or boisterous behavior, running or using foul or abusive language will not be tolerated. Cellphone use must conform to this policy and must not disturb other patrons;

24.  to require that sound equipment, including Library computers, be operated at a volume which does not disturb other library users. Patrons are free to use their own earphones on the Library computers;

25.  to require patrons to obey all directives of the staff required to conduct legitimate library business.


III.               Other Provisions:


26.  The Library requires patrons to avoid strong odors on their persons or belongings.  This refers to an odor strong enough to cause allergic reactions, headache or nausea in other persons within a six-foot radius of his or her location. This applies to all odors regardless of cause, whether it be personal hygiene, perfumes or colognes, animal residues, etc.

27.  The Library does not expect small children to maintain silence in the library; however, the library expects parents, guardians or other adult caregivers to supervise their children's use of the library.  The Library asks that children under the age of 8 not be left without adult supervision.  The Library holds parents, guardians or other adult caregivers responsible for the behavior of their children at the library, whether the parent, guardian or caregiver is present or not.

28.  Library staff assumes no responsibility for the supervision of children of any age left unattended at the Library.  Children who remain at the Library 15 minutes after closing time will be placed in the custody of the Maplewood police.

29.  The Library reserves the right to limit the amount of time any patron may use a computer terminal or copying machine if others are waiting.

30.  Patrons are prohibited from using the Library telephone without prior permission from a staff member.

31.  Patrons must allow staff to inspect their belongings and the contents of purses, bags, etc., when requested, in order to protect library materials from theft or damage.

32.  The Library reserves the right to restrict food and drink to specific areas of the Library.

33.  The Library grounds, including front sidewalk, plaza and east and west staircases, for the purposes of these rules, are considered Library premises, and all the rules enumerated above apply to these areas, except for the prohibition on smoking.

Revised, 5/15/2013