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Municipal Library Consortium

The Maplewood Public Library is a member of the Municipal Library Consortium of St. Louis County. Each member library retains its own policies on circulation periods, overdue fines, and the selection of materials. Each member library agrees to honor the blocks or fees placed on patrons by other libraries. An Executive Board made up of the Directors of each member library adminsters the MLC and makes decisions on system-wide policy. All member libraries share in the cost of running the MLC automation system, according to a percentage formula, revised yearly. Automation features used by only one or a few member libraries are paid for only by those using them.

Any patron in good standing of a member library may request and check out materials from the Maplewood Public Library. The Maplewood Public Library expects patrons of other member libraries to abide by the same rules and restrictions as citizens of Maplewood. There will be no additional restrictions placed on patrons from member libraries. The Library will charge patrons from member libraries the same fines and fees that Maplewood citizens are assessed. The Maplewood Public Library reserves the right to limit participation in Library programs to citizens of Maplewood.

"Libraries Without Boundaries"

This program allows residents of Maplewood to receive free library service at the other, non-MLC, libraries of the Greater St. Louis Region: St. Louis County, St. Louis Public, and St. Charles City/County Public Libraries. The same privilege is extended at Maplewood Public Library to residents of these library districts. The program is governed by contract, and can be terminated with 60 days notice. Participating library districts agree to reimburse each other annually for the cost of circulating to reciprocal patrons. The libraries of the MLC are individually responsible for reimbursing their own residents' circulation activity.

Any resident of the participating districts may receive a free library card upon proof of residence. The patron does not need to have a library card in their home district. No check of a resident's standing in their home district is made before issuing a library card in a participating district. Each district is free to set restrictions on the patrons from other districts regarding circulation of materials, use of library resources, or participation in library programs.

Inter-Library Loan

The Maplewood Public Library maintains agreements with libraries throughout the state and country to provide inter-library loan services, in order to acquire for our patrons materials not avaliable at the Maplewood or other MLC libraries. The Library borrows only from libraries that do not charge for ILL. The Library provides this service free of charge to its patrons. The Library reserves the right to restrict this service only to residents of Maplewood who are also patrons in good standing.

Adopted 6/23/04