Maplewood Public Library

Maplewood Public Library
Meeting Room Policy

  1. The library has a Meeting Room available to the public. Maximum capacity is 47 persons. The Multi-Purpose Room is reserved for Library purposes and may not be rented.
  2. The meeting room is available to tax-supported educational institutions and governmental bodies, municipal, civic, educational, social, business and church organizations, as well as non-profits with income from membership fees or dues
    1. Private social events and parties are not permitted.
    2. Commercial use is not permitted, including but not limited to sale of goods or services or the solicitation of future sales or services, executing fee-for-service agreements, or securing contracts of commitment to services provided elsewhere.
      1. Programs of an informational or educational nature may be given by businesses so long as they make no direct solicitations of attendees.
  3. No admission fees or collections will be allowed for any event. Pass-through costs for educational materials may be collected. The sale of an authorís books during a book-signing event is permitted. Library-sponsored fund-raising events are permitted.
  4. The standard rental fee for all organizations for up to 4 hours is $25.
    1. The fee will be pro-rated in hour increments for meetings lasting longer than 4 hours, at the rate of $6.25 per hour. Increments less than a hour will not be scheduled.
    2. Meetings lasting less than 4 hours are not prorated.
    3. Governmental organizations, educational bodies, Maplewood municipal boards and departments, and associated organizations, may use the room for no charge.
  5. All applicable fees apply for each scheduled meeting, and must be paid in advance of the meeting for all scheduled meetings at the time of contract signing.
  6. Meetings may not begin until 9:00 a.m. They must end by 8:45 p.m. on Monday through Thursday; 6:45 p.m. on Friday; and 4:45 p. m. on Saturday. The meeting room is not available on Sundays.
  7. Scheduling is on a first come, first served basis. Prior use of the meeting room does not entitle any group or organization to future use. Use for Library programs will take precedence in scheduling. Use of the room for any purpose must be scheduled at least one week in advance. Reservations can be made for one year at a time. Groups may not reserve the meeting room more than once a month, without special permission of the Library Director.
  8. Reservations are not confirmed until a contract is signed by a responsible adult and fees paid. Refunds will be given if notification of cancellation is given sooner than 30 days before the event (refunds will be given at any time if the Library must reschedule the event).
  9. Renters will be held responsible for damage to the room beyond normal wear and tear. Failure to pay any extra charges may void the rental contract.
  10. No organization may use the name of the Library in its advertising so as to imply the support of the Library for its purposes, objectives or views.
  11. No organization may use the name and/or address of the Library as its official address.
  12. There must be at least one adult per 8 youths present at meetings.
  13. Those using the meeting rooms may use the tables, chairs, projector, projector screen, speakers, white board and lectern. The organization is responsible for setting up and taking down the meeting room. Library staff is not available to perform setup or takedown. The meeting room must be left in the condition in which it was found.
  14. Organizations are responsible for any special equipment used, and are responsible for providing a trained operator. All use of such equipment and of existing Library equipment must conform with normal fire and safety standards.
  15. Nothing may be attached to the walls, ceilings, windows or doors. No signage is permitted in or outside the Library without prior approval.
  16. Food may be served at meetings with prior approval. A deposit of $50 is required in advance for groups serving refreshments, which will be returned if no cleanup is required.
  17. Handicrafts involving paint, glue, etc., may be permitted with prior approval. A deposit of $50 is required in advance for groups doing handicrafts, which will be returned if no cleanup is required.
  18. Renters may not store food, equipment, etc. on library premises. The Library does not supply napkins, paper towels, plates or the like. Alcohol and smoking are not permitted.
  19. Permission to use the meeting room is revocable and does not constitute a lease. The Director may deny permission or cancel existing reservations for any group that is disorderly or violates these policies.
  20. If the Library closes due to inclement weather or other emergency, every effort will be made to contact the person who scheduled the meeting room. The rental fee for any meeting cancelled by the Library will be refunded.
  21. Special requests will be considered by the librarian.
Adopted, 3/21/18